Below are a variety of opportunities for each of us to continue our Flourish journey.

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Continue Connecting

Find a listing of blogs, businesses, and ministries of women present at Flourish, San Marcos. Take a look at where these women are flourishing and enjoy their services, connect with their ministries or follow them online. If you’d like to be added to this list, contact us at


Flourish is a movement, not an event. The conversation continues in a private Facebook group on our Flourish Facebook page. Request to join!


Find the voices of women who are learning to refresh, embrace and discover. This page is rich with writing, poetry, art, and music. Connect to encouragement and real women who love Jesus. Consider submitting your own creation.

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Embrace your God-given gift of creativity and explore a new path of Holy Spirit connection through the arts. Together we will clear distractions, let go of perfectionism, and enjoy His Presence within ourselves and others. These are not “how to be a better artist” classes, but rather “how to develop a listening lifestyle” classes using various artistic mediums as our tool. In Cultivate we pursue the process over the finished product. No previous art experience necessary - all are welcome! Class size is limited, so grab your spot today!

Cultivate PAINT

For more information on this painting workshop contact Julie Jacobsen at

Cultivate WORDS

For more information on this writing workshop contact Peggy Tidwell at

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Masterminds are the ultimate brainstorming, educating, accountability, support group. For more information on Mastermind groups contact Michele Gooch at

For Spiritual Leaders

Monthly Virtual Sessions for 12 months
Day and Time: TBA
Fee: $67 a month or $737 for the year

Effective spiritual leaders must become experts in matters of the heart — particularly their own. Keeping heart for the demanding work of ministry hinges on leaders’ ability to discern God at work in us, shaping our hearts to embrace our calling. God shapes our lives, He does not script them. We are desperate for spiritual leaders who are eager to see the heart of God and reflect that heart to the world. If you are that kind of leader or want to be that, this group is for you.

A deep dive into how God shaped Moses, David, Paul and Jesus for leadership and a careful investigation into God’s heart -shaping in your life.


  • Gain identity and security to confidently engage your world

  • Recognize where your call aligns with what you already bring to the table

  • Uncover a leadership story that has developed over your life time

  • Establish practices that heal the fractures in your soul

  • Embrace 8 strategies for being more than a conqueror in conflict

  • Adopt 4 habits to help you stay gutsy and courageous in ordinary, commonplace moments

For Professionals

Monthly Virtual Sessions for 12 months
Day and Time:
Fee: $67 a month or $737 for the year

Skilled, competent professional women desiring to reflect the creator must constantly renew their minds. Our life always moves in the directions of our strongest thoughts. What comes into our minds, comes out in our lives. If you are a professional who is intentional about your thought life or desires to be, this group is for you.

A deep dive into how to let go of limited thinking and inner critic fatigue, establish habits that redirect our thoughts toward the future we desire, and align our actions with our God design.


  • Gain tools for quieting the inner critic and beliefs that hold you back

  • Establish tiny habits that bring big change

  • Cultivate the ability to reframe the way you see things

  • Understand actions that restrict your influence

  • Recognize how your perspective impacts your communication style

  • Uncover more of your own design