Her Story - Our Story

The egg connects with the sperm — a co-mingling of two.

The umbilical cord connects the embryo to nutrients — a nourishing of the one.

The one burst forth fully equipped to connect with the world — sight, smells, sound, taste and touch.

Looking to see.

Breathing to receive.

Listening to gather.

Savoring to explore.

Stroking to discover.

She’s on her way to courageous connection, the discovery of who she is and what she’s been shaped for. Yet her adventure, exploration, and discovery quickly turn to comparison; adoption of the ways, styles, and beliefs of others - a need to resemble those who came before her.

Well into adulthood, she has become only a portion of herself mixed with —

The defaming words of one once loved,

The ill-fitting ideals of one who modeled well,

And the rigid teachings of a beloved institution.

Sure she is still there, the one who burst forth decades ago — wearing a straitjacket years in the making.

The innocent connections she made, meant to enhance who she was becoming, weighed down her heart, and held her back from completely flourishing. It was unintentional, even accidental. Now, she must find the courage to connect again.

When the word courage first entered the English language it meant “to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.”

Webster defines connect, “to put or bring together so as to form a new and longer whole.”

The new and larger whole of her story, the one that comes from her whole heart, awaits. To connect courageously, she will need authentic community —

A place to be known,

A place to be loved,

And a place to belong.

Vulnerability will be the key that opens the door to her tribe. To connect courageously, she will need sacred habits of quiet pondering, raucous celebrations, silent surrendering and loquacious gratitude. Consistency will release the power of these practices. Courageous connection solicits a fresh boldness, a new empowering, a fiery determination.

Many have gone before her and summoned the courage to connect at a profound place — the root, the birth, the conception of their beautifully crafted design. At that place, her connection to destiny, tenacity, and Divine overwhelms the straitjacket and she once again bursts forth fully equipped to connect to the world.

Michele S. Gooch

Michele S. Gooch


Michele is a listener.  She connects heart to heart through her own transparency and wicked sense of humor. She is passionate about uncovering deep insight in God’s word and communicating God’s heart to His daughters.  Any given day you will find her supporting women professionally and personally by bringing clarity, reducing stress, and uncovering their God-given design.