Prayer Prose

Lately I’ve been muddled with malaise, a condition for me that seems to elevate and dissipate like the breath in my lungs or the waning and the waxing of the full moon. Sometimes it’s a swift swooping ~ behaving as a bird of prey that falcon-flashes my lashes just long enough to leave a few eye-gashes; and as I kneel, those wounds quickly heal . . . every time.
 Yet, sometimes there’s a somber simmering on my soul that seems to cook down to a slurry of nearly nothing, and with an almost empty blurry pot it’s hard to remember what I almost forgot . . . 

I’m not forsaken. 

And with my Maker, I AM enough.

I remember I’m made to create ~

and Satan? 

. . . I call your bluff!

Yesterday you may have gripped me, but today your talons are tied ~

You might’ve thought you had me, when I withered and I cried.

But I KNOW the Truth deep in my core, of Him who bled and died . . . 

His agony in exchange for Life ~ and I refuse to hide! 

So from the bottom of this cavernous cauldron, Lord my GOD, 

hear my prayer ~ 

as it echoes up these cast iron walls, past thick and steamy air . . . 

Bring forth water, Holy Spirit, help my spirit rise~ 

add your fiery flames to make it hotter, a little bubbling, to burst those enemy lies! 

Remove the rust and season the walls! Elevate me, Dear Father, so I may be at my fullest portion in You ~ no room for devilish downfalls! 

And, sweet Jesus COME, with hearty tomatoes true ~ red and rich and perfect for new stew! 

Help me ladle with love every serving that’s simmered ~ and brighten my “doing” dimmer-switch with a renewing hope~glimmer and a resurgence of shimmer ~ and partner with me in bringing life to creations . . . (whether or whether not I am slimmer. 
Because I reckon my figure will be remodeled with time, and with You as my healer I’ll be guided on a dime . . . to make wise eating choices and not be dismayed ~ by a regained pound or a tooth on the fray. 

No insurance company nor a 401-k to assure me of provision ~ but I will not dismay!

You have the Vision!

May my soup pot prose~prayer be lifted high ~ day after day!

And may I see more like You, and may that sight STAY.) 

For up, UP I seek you to bring me to LIFE, sharing my rainbow stew with others in strife. 
All the flavors await in relationships and real elations sip soundly from pure daily trips,

So ladle me up and lead me out of this bed ~ so my broth can bring nurturing to this wheezing world, instead!

Via words, via play, via clay on the wheel ~ be my center, Christ Jesus, 

you’re who this whole world needs to feel.

Help me serve, help me make, help me rise up in courage... help me live out this life, with a soul fully flourished!

In the precious name of my Lord & Savior, Jesus. Amen.

Melissa Ackley

Melissa Ackley

Melissa thrives most when partnering with God to create with words, wool, paint, clay, food, and found objects. Her joy is to fashion art that offers inspiration, intrigue, and comfort to others. Melissa’s current occupation is a Companion Caregiver as well as facilitating creative exercises with a weekly memory loss support group. With a humble heart, Melissa is honored to embrace the gift of mothering Kaleb (21) and Sage (15) in the heart of Wimberley where they share their home with a Norwegian Forest cat and a red-footed tortoise.

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