Seeking God's Daughters


I am on a treasure hunt – commissioned by the Father. A treasure hunt of the most exquisite, precious kind – His daughters. He tells me they are hidden beneath many other names and titles, but He wants to remind them that first and foremost they are His daughters! Daughters He uniquely created with a divine purpose and plan. They belong to Him. Their destinies were penned in the Heavenlies. He is the Author and Finisher of their stories. He longs for them to return to the pages He scribed -- to live out His desires and promises.

I shall begin this search in fervent prayer. I will call on His angels to assist. I will go forth in faith, holding fast to hope, and led by His love.

Where, oh where, have His daughters gone?
Oh where, oh where can they be?
With their unique gifts and talents
And their destiny stories undone
Oh where, oh where can they be?
Wait, is that a white flag waving in the distance?
Hmm... not the usual LOL of the texty times we live in.
Oh what, Oh what could that be?

I hear a faint response from afar, a cry from the heart:

Lost In Life
bound to busy
chained to chores
knee deep in needs
tethered to tasks
drowning in demands
weighted in work
harnessed to households
wrestling in relationships
captive to calendars
buried in burdens
seized by sorrow
deemed to defeat
prisoner of pain
assigned to ashes
reeling in rejection

All these twists and turns, steep inclines, deep declines, potholes, wrecks, traffic jams, mechanical troubles, and wrong directions ... Destination: Lost in Life

Are you ready to be found?
Here are your GPS (God Positioning System) coordinates:

Isaiah 52:2 NIV
Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem. Free yourself from the
chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive.

Your part:
Shake it off!
Rise up!
Sit enthroned (take your seat of honor- your purpose is waiting).
Let loose the chains about you.
You are set free!

You are Found!
And not just found- but Found to Flourish!
The movement awaits!
His daughters gathering together- not to compete but to compLete.
The L - the missing link, the needed bond: LOVE
Living and Walking in Love
Daughters of Divine Destiny
Designed and Gifted for Purpose
Encouraging, Supporting, and Praying
Transparent, Authentic, and Genuine
Confessing, Testifying, and Glorifying God
Moving to the rhythm of His grace, led by the melody of His mercy
Fully Found to Flourish!

Code RED to Flourish:
R efresh
E mbrace
D iscover
How 'bout we put that RED dress on!

A sense of urgency! A call to attention! You are needed! Your design story matters!
Your purpose is waiting! You are a precious treasure - found and freed!

May we flourish His banner of love to those still LIL so they too can be Found
to Flourish!

Cindi Chrastecky

Cindi Chrastecky

First, to answer your question, it is pronounced: 'Cross-Tes-Key'
Cindi and her beloved delightfully dwell in Driftwood. Her quiver is blessed with two married children, six grandchildren and one grand-angel in Heaven. By day she crunches numbers and by night she co-labors with her Father, praying and writing. He gifts her pen to flow, ministering the love of His heart. She loves coffee, her back porch, all things Italian, worship, Christmas, tu tus & tiaras, Cinderella, Hallmark, and seeing ladies say "I do" to Jesus! She is all about "Happily Ever After."