Excerpts from an interview with the artist, Whitley Bone.

You found yourself in a cycle that was frustrating — repeat, repeat, repeat. Finally, you sat down and talked to God about it.  What was that moment like? I wanted a switch to go off but that’s not how it happened. I talked to God repeatedly.  I told him how mad and frustrated I was. After several conversations, I began to surrender a little more each time. Finally, I arrived at a place where I got some release. I still didn’t have all the answers but I wasn’t willing to stay stuck anymore. I knew I needed God to take me away.  

I’ve heard you say the sound track is a reflection of the process you went through with God.  Tell us more about that. Yeah, that wasn’t intentional. It just happened. The song starts out soft like my conversations with God — it seemed He didn’t have much to say. It builds to this climatic point and then drops.   was starting to hear from God — that’s the building. The drop is when I realized that I couldn’t stay there — I had to move. The drop or stop is the moment I got it. The drum solo depicts that breakthrough moment. 

Through sharing your struggle with us (in song form), you’re challenging all of us to do what? I had to keep reminding myself what God was saying to me. I sat in the pain before there was any movement. There was peace in staying in the pain rather than running from it. It got me to the place of surrender — allowing God to take me away.

Whitley Bone

Whitley Bone

Whitley is dedicated to nurturing, encouraging, and guiding adolescent and young women as they navigate their faith. She discovered a fun and powerful outlet to communicate with God, interpret His Word, share the Gospel, and reveal His faithfulness through songwriting and producing. Whitley is from Austin but lives in Wimberley where she works full time as a middle school math teacher and coach. She links her passions through her service as worship leader and student ministry leader at Cypress Creek Church.

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