More About Flourish

We are privileged to live in a time and space where women are being called into their destiny, celebrated for what they bring to the table, and encouraged to step out and speak up. We choose not to waste our privilege and to intentionally engage with the current movement among God’s daughters to cultivate what He’s given us.

Flourish is a group of women who are looking for their God-given design, watching for ways to step into that design, and purposeful about inspiring other women to move toward their design. The women of Flourish are simply adding their voice to the chorus that has already erupted.  

While Flourish is not an event but a movement, we still love to get together from time to time. When we gather together, we spend less time listening to speakers and more time refreshing with God, embracing each other, and discovering ourselves. Our hope is that this engagement releases us into our destiny.

The definition of flourish is to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. Our desire for Flourish is that we create an environment when we’re together and when we’re not that develops, grows, and allows women to thrive.  

Refresh. Embrace. Discover.

In the below video, Michele Gooch, Flourish Pastor, shares her passion for communicating God’s heart to His daughters through the #FlourishYourDesignStory movement.